“Things To Ruin” In Rehearsals Now!

We’re about a month out from opening night of the Minnesota premiere of the new rock musical, “Things To Ruin!” We’ve got a lot of surprises in store for you at this show, and we’ll be spilling all the beans in the coming weeks. But, for now, take a sneak peek at rehearsals for the show, already well underway!

2014-07-08 21.20.41

Vanessa Barr, Kristen Parizek, Cory Anderson, Bryan Burns and Jake Caceres study their music hard.

2014-07-08 19.42.34

Tyler Pimm works his Musical Director magic while Cory Anderson belts one out and our wonderful Stage Manager Tessa Bakken keeps things running smooth.

2014-07-07 20.34.59

Evan Kelly has a very unique directing style.

Oh, and are you still wondering what this show is going to sound like? Here’s a sneak preview of that, too, featuring the cast backing up Sara Wabrowetz!


What The Hell Is A Sitz Probe?

10007322_675390225833585_1200477086_oThe Northland premiere of the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, “Next To Normal” is just 8 days away!


Holy crap!


Tomorrow night we will launch into what might be our favorite rehearsal of the entire musical process. The Sitz Probe.


What the hell is that, you’re asking? Good question. Sitz Probe means ‘seated rehearsal’ in German. And it’s a term and a practice brought over to musical theater from the world of opera.


A Sitz Probe is the first meeting of orchestra and cast. They sing and play through the show together for the very first time at this rehearsal, without any staging or other production elements. It is literally just the cast and the band, playing and singing together on a bare stage. It’s fun, lively and often emotional. It’s the first time the cast hears the full orchestrations that will be supporting them in the show, and it’s the first time the band hears the vocals on top of their music. And it’s really the first moment where the full impact of a musical sparks to life.


We can’t wait to hear what the Teatro sounds like filled with these 6 voices and this powerhouse of a band.


Tickets for this show are flying faster than usual, so you’re going to want to get yours ASAP by clicking the box office link on the right hand side of this blog.


And, if you’re interested in learning more about sitz probes and/or learning more about the next collaboration from the Tony Award winning writers of Next To Normal, check out the video below of the Sitz Probe for If/Then, opening on Broadway March 30th!



The Burnt Part Boys Trailer – Extended Cut!

We are just ONE week away from the opening night of our Northland premiere production of THE BURNT PART BOYS! To celebrate the long hours and quick slices of pizza devoured with a wrench in one hand that is tech week, we thought we’d show you an extend cut of the trailer made by our very own Matt Helbacka.


We are beyond proud of this show, this cast and crew. We hope you’ll get your TICKETS NOW and join us for a truly inspiring musical adventure for all ages.



Bloody Bloody Auditions Coming Up!

We are one month away from auditions for the final show of Renegade Theater Company’s 2012 season, and this one is a doozy. “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” was nominated for a handful of Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Tony Awards. But what’s it about? Well, imagine if the writing staff of The Daily Show wrote a rock musical about America’s first political maverick, Andrew Jackson. Doesn’t that sound like a kick-ass time? Yeah. It is. And YOU can be a part of it!


We are looking for comic actors who can sing a little rock and roll, and who can do a little dancing. Let’s make that even more clear. We are looking for ACTORS who can sing and dance, not dancers or singers who can act. No need to be intimidated by a bunch of fluffy ballet leaps or ear-shattering high notes in this show. We want bold, funny actors who can pull their own belting out some rough-and-tumble rock and roll while moving to the beat.


We need men and women of all ages and types, ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.


The show opens on Halloween and closes the week before Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a fast and fun rehearsal process and a hell of a way to close out our 2012 season. So come audition for us, won’t you? The audition details are below, along with a little sneak peek of what the show is like:


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Book by Alex Timbers
Music and Lyrics by Michael Friedman

Directed by Katy Helbacka

Music Direction by Adam Sippola
Choreography by Amber Burns
Conducted by Patrick Colvin


Come hear the true story of America’s first political maverick, but leave the textbooks and bring some black eyeliner. A.J. kicked British butt, shafted the Indians and smacked down the Spaniards all in the name of these United States – who cares if he didn’t have permission? An exhilarating and white-knuckled look at one of our nation’s founding rock stars, this hysterical musical recreates and reinvents the life of “Old Hickory,” from his humble beginnings on the Tennessee frontier to his days as Commander-in-Chief. It also asks the question; Is wanting to have a beer with someone reason enough to elect him? What if he’s really, really hot?





WHEN: Saturday, June 29, 11:00am-2:00pm
WHERE: Teatro Zuccone in Downtown Duluth
PREPARE: Please prepare a short, comic monologue and 32 bars of a contempoary pop/rock song. Pianist provided. Email Katy Helbacka to request a 5 minute audition slot.
CALLBACKS: Sunday, June 30th. Dance call at 1pm, music and scene work at 2pm
DOWNLOAD: Audtion Packet


“Ghost Light” just days away!

This Thursday, October 11th at 8pm, we pull back the curtain on Renegade Theater Company’s most ambitious undertaking to date. The world-premiere thriller GHOST LIGHT. We can’t tell you how excited we are to scare the hell out of all you. And if you haven’t got your tickets yet RIGHT HERE, you better hurry up. They are flying out the door and you don’t want to be left out of this production.

As a way to get you ready to scream this weekend, here’s the trailer for the production, directed by the ever-talented Matt Helbacka. Below that, you’ll find some youtube clips of a “Ghost Hunters” style show about the Zenith Theater. In case you don’t know what the Zenith Theater is, go HERE.

Tennessee Williams Trailer Premiere!

Blog Readers: It’s time to once again marvel in the majesty that is a trailer created by our very own Matt Helbacka, Renegade’s resident film director. He really captured the spirit of the shows we’re opening on June 7th, and we hope to see you all at one or both of them.

Preferably both. Trust us. You’re going to want to see them both.

Why SPRING AWAKENING is still so relevant today

Week 2 of SPRING AWAKENING starts tonight, and we’re very excited to present this show to more members of our community. And, if you needed proof that this story from 19th century Germany is still vital and relevant to the youth of today, look no further than this article in ROLLING STONE.


On a happier note, we’re pleased to share with you the final online-only trailer created by our videographer Matt Helbacka for SPRING AWAKENING. This one’s all about the Girls.