Meet the Cast of “Rx!”

PrintListen, we get it. We know we have a reputation here at Renegade Theater Company. One we’ve definitely earned over the years. Yes, we love plays with swears. We also love the sex stuff, the violence, the drugs and the loud music. But that’s not all.


We’re also just a big bunch of softies.


We love a good cry every now and then, too. And there’s nothing better than a really good romantic comedy. Like the one we have opening this Thursday, “Rx” by Kate Fodor! So, we thought we’d take some time today to not only introduce you to some of the stellar cast and crew of our show, but also ask them what they’re favorite romantic comedy movie is, and why:


ROBERT LEE (Director): “The Jerk”

The movie gives hope to all us idiots who are looking for love. And the movie is completely ridiculous and hilarious.


MARY FOX (Meena): “When Harry Met Sally”

Oh man….Ummm….I think I would have to say When Harry Met Sally…Or Annie Hall. I love them both so much! The sharp quick dialogue! Actually, let’s go with When Harry Met Sally. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan circa 1989…Need I say more?


KATY HELBACKA (Allison): “Bridget Jones’ Diary”

The whole movie is great – Hugh Grant’s entrance, the blue soup scene on Bridget’s birthday, the hunky fight in the fountain. My roommates and I watched it more times than I can count. And who doesn’t swoon every time Mark Darcy tells Bridget that he likes her very much “just as she is.”


BLAKE THOMAS (Richard): “Harold and Maude”

The first “ROM-COM” movie that jumped to my mind was “Harold and Maude.” One of the many reasons I like this film is because the comedy (the COM, if you will) comes from a place that makes us have to look at how strange and uncomfortable true love and happiness can be. Or, how normal and completely comfortable they can be. Or both, or whatever. It’s tricky… And it makes you laugh sometimes. Also the Cat Stevens soundtrack is pretty much perfect.


MICHAEL COCHRANE (Lighting Designer): “The Princess Bride”
I’m not sure if I know many romantic comedies…..but I love the Princess Bride, because it’s sweet, funny and it’s “Inconceivable!” not to.


KYLE MCMILLAN (Crew): “Groundhog Day”

My favorite romantic comedy has gotta be Groundhog Day.  Because Harold Ramis films are awesome. That, and, the idea of repeating a day over and over blows my mind.  Scholars maintain that Phil lived Groundhog Day 12,395 times, or, for 33 years and 350 days (see here:  We now know how long it at actually takes to trick a woman to fall in love with you.  So, if I play my cards right… I should finally have a girlfriend somewhere around Easter, 2048!  Oh, and BFM.


RYLEE KUBERRA (Crew): “PS I Love You”

My favorite romantic comedy because Gerard Butler is a beautiful man and they go to Ireland. Also, Lisa Kudrow is my spirit animal.


Opening Night Deals to “Rx!”


Pssst…hey you. Yes, you! Come here!


Wanna see opening night of Renegade Theater Company’s latest production – the Northland premiere of the hilarious romantic comedy “Rx” by Kate Fodor?


What am I saying, of course you do.


And now you can see it for just $10!


To get your TEN DOLLAR tickets to OPENING NIGHT of “Rx” just click the button below, select the number of general admission tickets you want, hit the “next step” button and enter in the code 9 to 5. It’s just that simple!



Or, if you don’t have access to a computer (how the hell are you reading this, then?) or just want to speak with a human, call 218-336-1416 and leave a message for Andy with your name, number of tickets you want, your phone number and the code. He’ll take care of the rest.


See you there!


Hate Your Job? We’ve Got The “Rx!”

PrintWe’re just under 2 weeks away from opening night of the next show of our 2014 season, the brilliant and beautiful romantic comedy, “Rx” by Kate Fodor!


Over the next several days we’ll be spending some blog time giving you a chance to meet the cast, take a sneak peek at our production and maybe even hear about some of the special surprises we have in-store for you (hint). But, first, we wanted to talk about your job. And how you probably hate it.


How do we know that? Well, turns out almost everyone in America hates their job to some degree. And while the magic pill in our play – the one you take daily to make you love your job – doesn’t exist (yet) we can maybe make your work day a little brighter through commiseration. So here’s the top ten reasons why you and your fellow working brothers and sisters hate your jobs, in order from least to most obnoxious, according to Linkedin and the Huffington Post. The corporate lingo speak is also theirs. (source)


10. They think the grass is greener someplace else. If your employee’s friends are having an amazing experience at another company, why wouldn’t they be envious? The transparency of employee benefits and perks at other companies can sometimes lead your employees to dream about working elsewhere. Keep an eye on what other companies are doing and try to match where you can. Sure, your company’s perks aren’t going to be on par with Google, but why not try to give your employees something worth bragging about? They’ll be more motivated, eager to spread the good word, and you’ll benefit from an improved company culture.


9. Their values don’t align with the company. Dissatisfaction is bound to take place if your employees aren’t sold on the same things you are. If your company values creativity and collaboration, it’s in your best interest to make screening for these values a mandatory part of your hiring process. Regular feedback and reviews can help you stay in tune with employees’ values and how they align with what the company needs and values most.


8. They don’t feel valued. If you aren’t taking the time to pat your employees on the back, it’s bound to impact employee happiness. Recognition breeds feelings of value and loyalty. What are you doing to show your employees they’re valued members of the company? This doesn’t mean giving monetary rewards for every accomplishment–instead, regularly utilize verbal praise and offer the occasional gift or reward for awesome performance.


7. Job insecurity. It’s easy to dislike your job when you’re worried whether you will still have it a few months or a year from now. If your company is going through hard times, the instability may be taking a toll on your employees. Remain transparent and work on keeping spirits high and your team engaged…or they might end up leaving you out of fear.


6. There’s no room for advancement. What’s your company’s policy for promotions? Many employees end up feeling stuck when there’s no chance of advancing within their company. This often leads to job hopping. Your company may be small, but it’s important to create a plan for employees to grow with you.


5. They’re unhappy with their pay. Nothing extinguishes passion quite like the feeling of being paid less than you deserve. Evaluating the salaries of your employees can be unrealistic at certain times, but you should consider asking your employee what they feel they should be making — their honesty may surprise you.


4. There’s too much red tape. Rules may be ruining your team. Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to make your own decisions. Boost the autonomy of your employees by giving them room to accomplish goals. This establishes a healthy level of trust, productivity, and benefits the company as a whole.


3. They’re not being challenged. Your employees are on a constant search to advance their skills and improve through their work with you. A lack of meaningful, challenging work is certain to breed disdain. Find out whether your employees feel like they’re learning or advancing their knowledge. If they’re not becoming better, they will go someplace where they feel they can improve.


2. The passion’s gone. There’s a huge difference between living to work and working to live. Do your employees love what they do? The current job climate has led many people to take on jobs they don’t love. Focus on hiring thoroughly passionate employees and giving them a purpose to maintain their passion throughout their time on the job.


1. Their boss sucks. Poor management can ruin even the most passionate and well-paid employees love for their job. Don’t let your awful management and leadership skills ruin the drive of your workforce. Do you micromanage and criticize? Are you a bad communicator? If you have unhappy employees, the first thing you should look at is your management habits. The next thing to do is actually talk to your employees to get to the bottom of the problem.



Casting Call: Auditions For “Rx” Announced

It’s audition time again, everybody. This time, it’s for the Minnesota premiere of a hilarious and beautiful new romantic comedy from award-winning playwright Kate Fodor, “Rx!”


We’re looking for some great local talent to fill some amazing roles and we hope to see all of you there. Here’s the details:


by Kate Fodor
Directed by Robert Lee


Meena Pierotti’s job is making her unhappy. Luckily, there’s a pill for that. Meena has joined the clinical trial for a new drug targeting workplace depression. The trial gets messy, however, when her doctor falls in love with her. Thankfully, there’s a pill for that, too. And once her doctor enrolls in a clinical trial for a new drug targeting heartbreak, things quickly spiral out of control in this hilarious romantic comedy that poses the question: If you could medicate all your cares away, would you?


A smart comedy about big love, big dreams and Big Pharma, Rx shines a satirical light on the health industry and a generation of unhappy people looking for answers in a pill bottle. Filled with moments of sweet romance and sardonic, sarcastic wit, this irreverent new comedy proves that love might be the greatest drug on the market.



WHEN: Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at 1pm
WHERE: Teatro Zuccone in Downtown Duluth
PREPARE: We will be reading scenes from the show. Download the scenes below.
DOWNLOAD: Audition PacketAudition Sides