We Are Resolved

Happy New Year, blog readers! We hope your 2011 is off to a fantastic start and that your hangover is finally gone.

As is the custom, we’ve been reflecting on the year that was and thinking about the year to come, and we’ve decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions. 2010 was a good one for Renegade (actually, it was a great one), but we think we can make 2011 even better. So in 2011 Renegade Theater Company resolves to:

  1. Refresh Improv with new players, new games and new styles.
  2. Set off film-grade special effects 10 feet from your face.
  3. Harness the power of Skype for a special night of Improv.
  4. Make you itch.
  5. Bring back these guys.
  6. Deprive ourselves of sleep.
  7. Make Sarah Diener say some really mean things.
  8. Do the Juggernaut.
  9. Let Julie Ahasay do what she does so very well.
  10. Fit a cast and crew of 30 on the Teatro stage.

Dink Tank’s HECK HOUSE!

It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you. But dry your eyes, citizens of the Northland, Dink Tank returns! On Saturday, October 30th at 10:30 pm Dink Tank proudly presents their ONLY show for 2010, HECK HOUSE!

Hosted by the Devil himself, this will be Dink Tank’s first venture into serious drama (not really) about the consequences of your evil, evil (or ridiculous and silly) sins. This is really important, soul-saving stuff here (it isn’t, there will be fart jokes). Tickets are only $5. Don’t you think that’s worth sparring yourself from eternal damnation? Okay, that question was rhetorical, smart-asses.

To get you ready for our revival, here’s 10 things that you may or may not see if you come to Dink Tank’s HECK HOUSE. (Hint: Half of these things are true.)

1. Evan Kelly will portray the Devil. And he’ll portray it with one part sinister malevolence, and two parts Steve Urkel – plus a dash of Lady Gaga.

2. Jody will have his shirt off.

3. Someone will go through a very painful, very prolonged on-stage birth because of something naughty they did in church.(Hey! A rhyme! Eat that!)

4. The evening will mark the triumphant return of legendary rock group, The Monkees.

5. Katy will be forced to say dirty things she doesn’t want to say.

6. Jake will eat his weight in quarters and then turn them – via his own intestinal smelting machine – into a diorama of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

7. Hebert will debut his new musical design for Dink Tank. Say goodbye to mash-ups and hello to Oprah singing opera!

8. Evil will be vanquished and Nic Cage will be pronounced King of King Impersonators.

9. You’ll get to play the weirdest game of bingo you’ve ever played.

10. Someone’s getting kicked in the nuts.

Renegade Halloween Carnival – Coming Soon

We are a mere 30 days away from our next fun fundraiser (don’t call it a funraiser unless you want to get hit), the Renegade Halloween Carnival!

At 10:30 pm on October 30th, come down to the Teatro Zuccone to celebrate the closing of REEFER MADNESS and enjoy some good, clean fun. You can dance the night away, bob for apples, try your luck at our cake walk and take a sobering stroll through our very own heck house, where you’ll learn the dangers of your evil ways.

Why are we doing this? Well, because we care about our community, and we’re concerned about the direction it’s heading in. Excessive drinking, texting while driving, a lack of flossing – we’ve done it all.

Uh, seen it all. That’s what we mean. We’ve seen it all.

At any rate, we’re concerned. And there is no night with more potential for hell-raising than Halloween. Sure, you could run wild, egging and toilet papering with abandon, or you could let Renegade keep you on the path of morality.

Oh, and if you want to lend a hand, we’d love that too. We’ll need everything from ticket takers to game runners (and maybe even some heck house actors).

And one more thing: If you come, you’d better be wearing a costume. Katy is not screwing around with you on this one. Seriously. They don’t call her “Thug Life” for nothing. She WILL ruin your life.

Improv Marathon – Postmortem

Man, that sounds gruesome doesn’t it? Postmortem? But, given how we all currently feel, it’s a pretty appropriate term. The Renegade Improv Players and the New Class spent most of their Sunday catching up on some sorely needed sleep. And this morning, getting out of bed required a crowbar. But we made it through. And it was actually pretty damn fun.

First things first, we need to thank those 13 amazing performers who dedicated 26 hours of their lives to help Renegade out. Your contributions and talents are incredible, and we love you all big, sugary amounts. Also, we need to thank our volunteers; everyone who brought food, tore tickets or bounced drunk people (special shout-out to Andy Miller, our volunteer Iron Man, who stuck out all 26 hours). Another big thanks to our 13 sponsors, who helped make this event a success before it even began. And finally, thanks to the hundreds of people who came to see us at some point during the marathon. Not only did your donations help Renegade financially, your presence kept us all from murdering each other.

So the event was a huge success, and now that we’ve got the clarity a few hours sleep provides, we thought it would be fun to share with you our favorite photos from the event:

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We’re Live Blogging The Marathon!

Have you ever wanted to know what thoughts race through, say, Jody’s mind after 20 hours without sleep? Well your freaky little fantasy has been answered. We will be live blogging all the way through the 26 hours of the Improv Marathon.

Now you won’t have to wonder what you missed when you were busy letting the dog out (Katy and Andy), getting another PBR tallboy (Jody) or peeing in a corner of the stage (Kyle). Want to know our favorite quotes from the night? Here you go. Want to know what we thought of that scene that just tanked onstage? Here you go. Want to know what it sounds like when doves cry? Ask Prince. We’re busy. We’re Live Blogging.

Renegade Theater Company: Limping into the 21st Century!

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Today Is The Day!

Here. We. Go.

In just a few short hours Renegade Improv and The New Class will take the stage for our 26-hour Improv Marathon. It was nice knowing all of you. Make sure to say something nice at our funerals.

Since we’re currently saving every ounce of strength and brain power we have (which isn’t much to begin with), we’re ending this week of blogging with another Stuff We Like. Except this time it’s all about the Improv styles and teams we admire. And if you like these videos, check out Renegade Improv on Saturday nights. We might be trying a few of these.

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One Day Away!

On Tuesday night, the Renegade Improv Team met with the New Class for our first-ever joint rehearsal in preparation for the grand finale show of our 26-hour Improv Marathon.

Getting these two groups together in the same room was a feat the U.N. would have been proud of. Jody kept insisting the New Class refer to him as “Worshipful Master,” Evan wouldn’t get off his damn cell phone, and Pat kept licking Andy’s ear. But somehow we got through the rehearsal, and are ready to kick that finale’s butt. If we’re still able to speak and walk after a full 24 hours of Improv that is.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at our last rehearsal before the big night.

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The Countdown Continues

We’re creeping ever closer to the kick-off of the 26-hour Improv Marathon! We’ll be spending the whole week on the Renegade blog getting you (and us) ready for this incredibly ill-advised way to spend a weekend.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a a guest post from Renegade’s New Class, talking about how they’ve been getting into prime playing shape for the Marathon, and what style they’re most excited to unleash upon you, the unsuspecting general public.

Thursday, we’ll give you a little behind-the-scenes peek at our final rehearsal before the big night, when the regular weekend crew joins forces with the New Class to prepare for our massive Grand Finale show.

And Friday, we’ll dedicate our weekly “Stuff We Like” post to the Improv styles we love and admire, and can’t wait to try ourselves.

But today, the Renegade Improv players are going to spill a little dish on the style you’ve seen them play if you’ve been at the theater either of the past two Saturdays. IO Chicago calls it “The Armando Diaz Experience.” The Upright Citizens Brigade calls it “ASSSSSCAT!” We just call it our new favorite style.

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