It’s finally here. Opening night of DINK TANK: RETURN OF THE DINKS! Come on down to the Teatro Zuccone this Thursday, Friday or Saturday night at 8pm and see the show for only $10. Buy a spiked hot chocolate for $5 and stick around for late-night Renegade Improv at 10:30 pm for another $5! That’s four hours of entertainment and a seriously spiked drink for $20. That’s a good deal if you ask us.

Here is your final sneak peek at the show. Hope to see you there!

“I can self-clean an oven. I make a mean pizza roll…”

December 8-10 & 15-17, 2011 / All shows at 8pm.
Tickets just $10 / Call 218-336-1414 for reservations


We’re going to be pretty busy the next few days in tech for DINK TANK: RETURN OF THE DINKS, which opens next week! So, we thought we’d give you an extra-special advent gift to get you over the next few days. It’s one of the things we are most proud of, as a sketch troupe. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes and enjoy a shirtless Jody Kujawa, a bongo drum circle, and some dressing-down of “Wolverine” fans.

We’ll be back on Monday with some more sneak peeks at the show, and we’ll see you at the theater on December 8th at 8pm!


It’s been two long years. But finally, after 24 months of frigid darkness and bitter weeping, the area’s finest sketch comedy team answers the clarion call of their fans and returns to give your holiday season a shot of holly-jolly hilarity!

The sketch comedy team Rainn Wilson (Dwight from NBC’s “The Office”) called “hysterical” and “awesome,” and the Duluth News Tribune dubbed “devastatingly funny” has set their sights on Santa. Join them for an evening of outrageous sketches full of smart, edgy comedy for grown-ups that skewers politics and pop culture and is full of memorable characters from their own warped imaginations.

The show opens Thursday, December 8th at 8pm and runs Thurs-Sat nights until December 17th. That means you have six chances to find a sitter for the kids and unwind with some adults-only sketch comedy.

And to get you in the mood for the show, we’re doing our own twisted version of an advent calendar. Every day we’ll post a line from one of the sketches in the show, just to whet your appetite. We mean it when we say this might be our best show yet, and you do NOT want to miss it.

So, let’s kick this off. Click on the image below to see what’s inside the “Day One” box, and we’ll see you at DINK TANK: RETURN OF THE DINKS on December 8th at 8pm!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Step Right Up!

Renegade Theater Company’s 2011 Season Brochure – designed by the always brilliant Matt Olin – has arrived! Click on the link below to download your very own pdf copy! You can frame it, sleep with it at night, or use it for toilet paper. Your call! But, if you use it for that last option, we will be sad.

Renegade Theater Company’s 2011 Season Brochure

And don’t forget to email us your thoughts about Renegade and your experiences as either an audience member or a member of our cast and crew! Send those thoughts to Andy Bennett.

We Are Resolved

Happy New Year, blog readers! We hope your 2011 is off to a fantastic start and that your hangover is finally gone.

As is the custom, we’ve been reflecting on the year that was and thinking about the year to come, and we’ve decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions. 2010 was a good one for Renegade (actually, it was a great one), but we think we can make 2011 even better. So in 2011 Renegade Theater Company resolves to:

  1. Refresh Improv with new players, new games and new styles.
  2. Set off film-grade special effects 10 feet from your face.
  3. Harness the power of Skype for a special night of Improv.
  4. Make you itch.
  5. Bring back these guys.
  6. Deprive ourselves of sleep.
  7. Make Sarah Diener say some really mean things.
  8. Do the Juggernaut.
  9. Let Julie Ahasay do what she does so very well.
  10. Fit a cast and crew of 30 on the Teatro stage.

Dink Tank’s HECK HOUSE!

It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you. But dry your eyes, citizens of the Northland, Dink Tank returns! On Saturday, October 30th at 10:30 pm Dink Tank proudly presents their ONLY show for 2010, HECK HOUSE!

Hosted by the Devil himself, this will be Dink Tank’s first venture into serious drama (not really) about the consequences of your evil, evil (or ridiculous and silly) sins. This is really important, soul-saving stuff here (it isn’t, there will be fart jokes). Tickets are only $5. Don’t you think that’s worth sparring yourself from eternal damnation? Okay, that question was rhetorical, smart-asses.

To get you ready for our revival, here’s 10 things that you may or may not see if you come to Dink Tank’s HECK HOUSE. (Hint: Half of these things are true.)

1. Evan Kelly will portray the Devil. And he’ll portray it with one part sinister malevolence, and two parts Steve Urkel – plus a dash of Lady Gaga.

2. Jody will have his shirt off.

3. Someone will go through a very painful, very prolonged on-stage birth because of something naughty they did in church.(Hey! A rhyme! Eat that!)

4. The evening will mark the triumphant return of legendary rock group, The Monkees.

5. Katy will be forced to say dirty things she doesn’t want to say.

6. Jake will eat his weight in quarters and then turn them – via his own intestinal smelting machine – into a diorama of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

7. Hebert will debut his new musical design for Dink Tank. Say goodbye to mash-ups and hello to Oprah singing opera!

8. Evil will be vanquished and Nic Cage will be pronounced King of King Impersonators.

9. You’ll get to play the weirdest game of bingo you’ve ever played.

10. Someone’s getting kicked in the nuts.