“Rally” – Lyrics by Zach Braff / Music by Nikki Tatge

PrintIt’s Thursday. It’s still cold and bleak outside. Maybe you need a little push to help get you to the weekend. Well, we are here to help.


The script for “All New People” includes lyrics to a song that the character Kim is supposed to play live. If you’ve seen the show, you know the moment. If you haven’t, well that’s your own fault. Get down here! There’s only two weekends left!


What you might not know is that our very own Kim, Nikki Tatge, is a crazy talented singer/songwriter. And she took Zach Braff’s lyrics and set them to original music she composed.


It’s one of our very favorite moments in the show. And if you – like us – have found yourself humming the song after seeing the show, you may be itching to hear it again.


Here’s a quick and dirty recording of the track. Just Nikki and her ukulele. Enjoy!




Why I Let My Cast Get Drunk At Rehearsal

What follows is a harrowing personal account of the now-infamous ‘Drunk Run’ of ALL NEW PEOPLE at Renegade Theater Company. This record of that fateful evening was written by the show’s director, one Andy Jay Tiberius Bennett Esquire the Third, QED.


This terrifying journey into one man’s experience with a grand, intoxicating experiment begins below. Before you continue, shut your door, crank up the Tom Waits, and dim the lights. And smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.


(NOTE: All participants were of legal drinking age and attending a closed, private event. Also, no cookies, cars or people were harmed during the making of this evening.)




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See ALL NEW PEOPLE For Just $10!

PrintThe Minnesota premiere of Zach Braff’s ALL NEW PEOPLE is just days away! Opening night is set for this Thursday, January 23rd at 8pm.


Thursday the 23rd will also mark the kickoff to our 2014 season. A season packed with everything you love about theater: Passion, rock and roll, violence, comedy, heartbreak and those other wonderful vices you can’t get enough of.


To celebrate the opening of our 2014 season and the launch of our 2014 season pass program, we’re making a special offer available to anyone who attends our opening night performance:


1.) Tickets to the opening night show on January 23rd are just $10 for anyone reading this blog. To get yours call 218-336-1416 and give Andy the codeword: BRAFF. He’ll put your tickets aside and you can pay for them on the night of the show.


2.) If you love ALL NEW PEOPLE and want to subscribe the rest of the shows in our amazing 2014 seasonthere will be a table set up before and after the show where you can get your season pass on the spot. Best part? The cost to complete your season pass is just $57. That’s like $11 bucks per show. Crazy. Good. Deal.


Big city theater. Rock bottom prices. That’s just how we roll.


See you opening night!