Irony in Set Construction

Some of the cast and crew of PARADE spent the better part of Sunday away from the football games and in the theater, building the set. A large part of the set is a tree that we’re building out of chicken wire, ripped-up black masking curtains that are about 20 feet too long for our space, joint compound and wood.

And, if the 3/4-inch plywood used the creation of our tree could talk, it would probably say something like, “Hey, what’s this bullcrap? I was a friggin tree BEFORE you guys cut me down and turned me into plywood sheets. Now I gotta be a tree again?”

Yes, plywood. Yes you do. Shut up.

Below are some pictures from the creation of our still-in-process tree. For the finished product, you’re just going to have to come see PARADE, which opens Feb 3rd at 8pm!

The first step in our tree construction is to make a skeleton to which we’ll attach chicken wire. How do we make this frame?

We give Amber a power tool. She’s pretty handy.

A completed tree frame. As a side benefit, it allows us to hide that black support pole.

The chicken wire awaits its date with fabric and joint compound.

Our bark. It may not look that much like the real thing now, but you just wait…

This kid’s got it covered. And once he and our fabulous set designer, Preston, our builder Evan and our cast and crew are finished, it’ll look just like the real thing.

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