Announcing the Renegade Resident Artists Program!


Renegade Theater Company is proud to announce the next step in our artistic community’s development, as well as the next step in Renegade’s evolution into a professional arts organization committed to supporting and developing local talent: The Renegade Resident Artist Program.


The Renegade Resident Artist Program is a cohort of local residents with a proven track record of artistic excellence in theater. These resident artists will take a leadership role in Renegade’s 2017 season, dedicating their time and talent to directing, acting or design roles in our productions, as well as working with Renegade to enhance and expand our artistic programming. The Resident Artists will be the faces of the company, and will be asked to attend fundraising events and opening night celebrations.

Renegade will be the artistic home for these artists during the 2017 season. In return for their work and commitment, these artists will receive increased stipends to make their wages competitive with non-union wages in cities like Minneapolis and Chicago, giving top local talent more reason to remain and plant roots in our community.


The Renegade Resident Artists will be selected from an open application process. Any artist can be considered for one of the Residency positions, provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must have been involved in at least three shows within the local theater community in the past two years.
  2. Applicant must have been involved in at least one Renegade Theater Company production since 2008.
  3. Applicant must not currently be enrolled full-time in a school or university’s full-residency program.
  4. Applicant must be a resident of the Duluth / Superior area and be committed to remaining one for the next 12 months.
  5. Applicant must have a demonstrated interest in the work of Renegade Theater Company. This interest is demonstrated by having attended at least one Renegade Theater Company production in the past 12 months.


Submit your resume to Please address in the resume (or optional letter of interest) how you meet all of the 5 stated criteria.

The Renegade Resident Artist Search Committee will select from submitted resumes the artists they would like to advance to the next round of consideration. Those artists will meet with Renegade’s Artistic Director and Search Committee to discuss the program.


Q: If selected, can I still work on productions with other companies?

A: Of course! Being a Renegade Resident Artist means you are required to participate in at least one production in our 2017 season, as well as attend all of our fundraising events, opening night post-show parties, and be a visible, vocal ambassador for our work. Beyond that, we encourage you to take other opportunities in our community that excite you.

Q: If not selected, can I still work with you?

A: Of course! While the Renegade Resident Artists will be paired with the roles and positions in productions that interest them first, the remainder of our cast and crew positions will be open to all as usual.

Q: Is this a one-year thing?

A: 2017 is the pilot season for the Renegade Resident Artists, and was made possible thanks to funding from the Knight Foundation Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. Our plan is to expand and enhance our programming and fundraising efforts to keep the program going for as long as Renegade is going.

Q: If selected, do I need to reapply for 2018? If not selected, can I reapply for 2018?

A: Yes and yes. We will ask the community of artists to reapply each year for the Renegade Resident Artist program to ensure that our Resident Artists are passionate about our work and at the top of their fields.

Q: Is this only open to actors?

A: No! We are happy to accept applications from actors, directors, and designers and stage managers. We have no quota or pre-design on what type of artists we take or how many of each type of artists we will take. We are looking for passionate, talented artists whose work will pair well with our 2017 season and program.

The first year of the Renegade Resident Artists program has been funded by the Knight Foundation Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

Get Ready For Improv Auditions!


We’re holding OPEN AUDITIONS for the Renegade Improv team this Saturday, September 10th at noon and Monday, September 12th at 6pm on stage at the Zeitgeist Theater. Come down, learn a few games and give it a try. We’ll be selecting some of you to join our ever-expanding Improv program as Featured Players, where you’ll spend your weekends learning the ropes on stage and behind the scenes.

For more information on what we’re looking for and what you can expect if you make the team, plus a downloadable audition form you can fill out in advance if you want to impress us with your time management skills, CLICK HERE!