“THINGS TO RUIN” Poster Reveal!

Seriously, guys. Matt Olin is a genius. And he’s our graphic designer. Which means we’re very, very lucky. We told him to make the Things To Ruin look punk, fun and a little dangerous. And he came up with something that (as always) knocked our socks off. There’s four different versions of this bad boy that you’ll be seeing everywhere very, very soon.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your (reserved seating and VIP table seating featuring free food and drink) tickets NOW!




Be a VIP with “Things To Ruin” Table Seating!

We don’t know what you’ve heard, but let’s clear something up right now: THINGS TO RUIN is not a play. It’s not a musical. It’s not a show.


It’s a party.


We’ve got 8 crazy talented singers/dancers/actors plus a kick-ass band all rocking out on center stage at the Teatro Zuccone. And it’s such a fun, funny and electrifying night that the standard, “grab a ticket, sit down and shut up” vibe of most musicals just won’t do. Not this time.


So we’re turning the Teatro into a nightclub. Yes, you’ll still be able to grab your standard price ($18 for adults / $15 for students and seniors) tickets. And with that ticket you can sit in the Teatro risers and enjoy the hell out of yourself. Or you and your date for the night can spend a little more ($25 per person) and get a LOT more.


The front two rows of the theater are going from this:







And your $25 ticket ($50 for the two of you) buys you and your date your very own cocktail table for the night. But that’s not all it buys you. You’ll also be getting:


  • A free order of pretzels for the table, courtesy of the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe.
  • The first round of drinks for the table on the house. Choose from a selection of Bent Paddle beers or a Vikre Juniper G&T.
  • Table side service all night long! Want another drink? Just click on your lamp and a server will be by to grab your order and deliver it to you. Set up a tab before the show and settle it after curtain call.
  • The guaranteed best seats in the house! Get up and close to the action. Who knows, maybe the cast will come get you and ask you to join the party on stage (or not – if audience participation isn’t your thing, we’ll totally leave you alone)!


That’s a crazy good deal. And it only seems fitting, since this is going to be a crazy fun show.



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 One more thing: We’ve got assigned seating now. Yeah, you’re welcome.


“Things To Ruin” In Rehearsals Now!

We’re about a month out from opening night of the Minnesota premiere of the new rock musical, “Things To Ruin!” We’ve got a lot of surprises in store for you at this show, and we’ll be spilling all the beans in the coming weeks. But, for now, take a sneak peek at rehearsals for the show, already well underway!

2014-07-08 21.20.41

Vanessa Barr, Kristen Parizek, Cory Anderson, Bryan Burns and Jake Caceres study their music hard.

2014-07-08 19.42.34

Tyler Pimm works his Musical Director magic while Cory Anderson belts one out and our wonderful Stage Manager Tessa Bakken keeps things running smooth.

2014-07-07 20.34.59

Evan Kelly has a very unique directing style.

Oh, and are you still wondering what this show is going to sound like? Here’s a sneak preview of that, too, featuring the cast backing up Sara Wabrowetz!