Meet the Cast of “Rx!”

PrintListen, we get it. We know we have a reputation here at Renegade Theater Company. One we’ve definitely earned over the years. Yes, we love plays with swears. We also love the sex stuff, the violence, the drugs and the loud music. But that’s not all.


We’re also just a big bunch of softies.


We love a good cry every now and then, too. And there’s nothing better than a really good romantic comedy. Like the one we have opening this Thursday, “Rx” by Kate Fodor! So, we thought we’d take some time today to not only introduce you to some of the stellar cast and crew of our show, but also ask them what they’re favorite romantic comedy movie is, and why:


ROBERT LEE (Director): “The Jerk”

The movie gives hope to all us idiots who are looking for love. And the movie is completely ridiculous and hilarious.


MARY FOX (Meena): “When Harry Met Sally”

Oh man….Ummm….I think I would have to say When Harry Met Sally…Or Annie Hall. I love them both so much! The sharp quick dialogue! Actually, let’s go with When Harry Met Sally. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan circa 1989…Need I say more?


KATY HELBACKA (Allison): “Bridget Jones’ Diary”

The whole movie is great – Hugh Grant’s entrance, the blue soup scene on Bridget’s birthday, the hunky fight in the fountain. My roommates and I watched it more times than I can count. And who doesn’t swoon every time Mark Darcy tells Bridget that he likes her very much “just as she is.”


BLAKE THOMAS (Richard): “Harold and Maude”

The first “ROM-COM” movie that jumped to my mind was “Harold and Maude.” One of the many reasons I like this film is because the comedy (the COM, if you will) comes from a place that makes us have to look at how strange and uncomfortable true love and happiness can be. Or, how normal and completely comfortable they can be. Or both, or whatever. It’s tricky… And it makes you laugh sometimes. Also the Cat Stevens soundtrack is pretty much perfect.


MICHAEL COCHRANE (Lighting Designer): “The Princess Bride”
I’m not sure if I know many romantic comedies…..but I love the Princess Bride, because it’s sweet, funny and it’s “Inconceivable!” not to.


KYLE MCMILLAN (Crew): “Groundhog Day”

My favorite romantic comedy has gotta be Groundhog Day.  Because Harold Ramis films are awesome. That, and, the idea of repeating a day over and over blows my mind.  Scholars maintain that Phil lived Groundhog Day 12,395 times, or, for 33 years and 350 days (see here:  We now know how long it at actually takes to trick a woman to fall in love with you.  So, if I play my cards right… I should finally have a girlfriend somewhere around Easter, 2048!  Oh, and BFM.


RYLEE KUBERRA (Crew): “PS I Love You”

My favorite romantic comedy because Gerard Butler is a beautiful man and they go to Ireland. Also, Lisa Kudrow is my spirit animal.


Opening Night Deals to “Rx!”


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