“Rally” – Lyrics by Zach Braff / Music by Nikki Tatge

PrintIt’s Thursday. It’s still cold and bleak outside. Maybe you need a little push to help get you to the weekend. Well, we are here to help.


The script for “All New People” includes lyrics to a song that the character Kim is supposed to play live. If you’ve seen the show, you know the moment. If you haven’t, well that’s your own fault. Get down here! There’s only two weekends left!


What you might not know is that our very own Kim, Nikki Tatge, is a crazy talented singer/songwriter. And she took Zach Braff’s lyrics and set them to original music she composed.


It’s one of our very favorite moments in the show. And if you – like us – have found yourself humming the song after seeing the show, you may be itching to hear it again.


Here’s a quick and dirty recording of the track. Just Nikki and her ukulele. Enjoy!




Why I Let My Cast Get Drunk At Rehearsal

What follows is a harrowing personal account of the now-infamous ‘Drunk Run’ of ALL NEW PEOPLE at Renegade Theater Company. This record of that fateful evening was written by the show’s director, one Andy Jay Tiberius Bennett Esquire the Third, QED.


This terrifying journey into one man’s experience with a grand, intoxicating experiment begins below. Before you continue, shut your door, crank up the Tom Waits, and dim the lights. And smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.


(NOTE: All participants were of legal drinking age and attending a closed, private event. Also, no cookies, cars or people were harmed during the making of this evening.)




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2014 Season Brochure Revealed

If you attended opening weekend of ALL NEW PEOPLE – which was called “All the different kinds of funny” by the Duluth News Tribune, FYI – you got a sneak peek of our 2014 season brochure while you waited in line for your tickets. And now we’re pleased to reveal the six (collect them all!) versions of our 2014 season brochure, designed as always by the amazing Matt Olin. Check out the digital versions here and look for the hard copies soon to be spread all over town and crammed into your playbills.


And don’t forget: It’s not too late to get your 2014 season pass! Buy your $75 pass online RIGHT HERE or call Andy at 218-336-1416 to purchase our Student/Senior/Artist pass for just $60.


Even if you’ve already seen ALL NEW PEOPLE, it’s not too late. Just call Andy and he’ll verify your attendance at ALL NEW PEOPLE and get you a 5-show season pass at a prorated price!


And now, without further ado, here’s our 2014 season brochures (click each image to see high-res version)!








































































































Toughest Job on All New People – Prop Designer

You know who never gets enough credit? Designers and crew members. These people work their tails off behind the scenes and never get to soak in the applause and take a big bow.


And here’s another dirty little secret of the theater: Often, their jobs are the hardest.


Take ALL NEW PEOPLE (opening on Thursday!) for example. The show is fast, funny and an absolute blast. We’ve got a killer cast delivering across-the-board awesome performances. But you know who’s job is the hardest? Our prop designer, Erin Ohland.


Oh the things she’s had to build and find. We can’t imagine how much she was regretting saying yes to doing it once she read the script. But she has been just flawless and super fun to work with thus far. God Bless her. Especially when you consider all that’s being asked of her.


To illustrate our point, we present some of the stage directions excerpted from the script. We present them without context so as not to spoil the fun when you come to see the show, and also to illustrate just how much of a dick Zach Braff is. Yeah, he wrote a hysterical and really moving play, but he also threw in a bunch of stuff – we’re pretty sure – just to piss production teams off.


“…reveal Charlie, 35, who has an extension cord wrapped around his neck like a noose…”


“…it consists of hundreds of tiny beads woven togther. She fondles it and immediately the beads fall all over the floor, making a huge mess…”


“Myron has begun to pour glue into a paper bag…”


“…she pulls out a large, pink dildo and waves it at Charlie like a weapon…”


“…Myron begins to cut up lines of coke on the coffee table…”


“…Kim tunes the ukelele…”


“…he crosses through the rubble…”


Yeah. And we could go on. Point is, Erin Ohland rocks. And she’s a large part of why ALL NEW PEOPLE rocks. So get your tickets now and we’ll see you at the show!



See ALL NEW PEOPLE For Just $10!

PrintThe Minnesota premiere of Zach Braff’s ALL NEW PEOPLE is just days away! Opening night is set for this Thursday, January 23rd at 8pm.


Thursday the 23rd will also mark the kickoff to our 2014 season. A season packed with everything you love about theater: Passion, rock and roll, violence, comedy, heartbreak and those other wonderful vices you can’t get enough of.


To celebrate the opening of our 2014 season and the launch of our 2014 season pass program, we’re making a special offer available to anyone who attends our opening night performance:


1.) Tickets to the opening night show on January 23rd are just $10 for anyone reading this blog. To get yours call 218-336-1416 and give Andy the codeword: BRAFF. He’ll put your tickets aside and you can pay for them on the night of the show.


2.) If you love ALL NEW PEOPLE and want to subscribe the rest of the shows in our amazing 2014 seasonthere will be a table set up before and after the show where you can get your season pass on the spot. Best part? The cost to complete your season pass is just $57. That’s like $11 bucks per show. Crazy. Good. Deal.


Big city theater. Rock bottom prices. That’s just how we roll.


See you opening night!



Meet The Cast of ALL NEW PEOPLE!

We are just 6 days (SIX!) away from opening night of the Minnesota premiere of ALL NEW PEOPLE! And, as you prepare to get your TICKETS or SEASON PASSES, we wanted to take a little blog time to introduce you to our incredible, hysterical cast.



That’s them. (from r to l) Josh Stenvick, Cory Anderson, Nikki Tatge, Zach Stofer, Tonya Porter and Katy Helbacka. They look happy, don’t they? Well, except for Josh, who is in character. Or didn’t realize I was taking the picture. One of the two. Also, please note the Cheetos in the back right corner. Those didn’t make it to the end of rehearsal. If you look closely, you may see some Cheetos dust in Zach’s beard. Ahh, the sacrifices we make for that cruel mistress, the theater.


We asked the show’s director, Andy Bennett, to tell you a little bit about each member of the cast, the role they’re playing, and what it’s been like to work with them. Here’s what he had to say:


Josh Stenvick: He’s the center of the show. The guy around which the story revolves. And he’s also got one of the toughest jobs in the show; Making a depressed, suicidal man empathetic, entertaining and funny. A job he’s mastered. Other jobs he’s mastered in this play? Smoking, drinking and moving from quiet depression to hysterical, over-blown outbursts. Jobs he has yet to master? Not laughing on stage. But I can’t blame him, considering his costars. And we’ve still got six days. If it comes down to it, I’ll just stick him with a cattle prod.


Cory Anderson: Cory plays two roles in our show, in short scenes that were originally going to be filmed and projected. But his scenes are just too fast and funny to not be shown live each night. So that means he absolutely crushes on stage for about 15 minutes and then spends the rest of his time reading or watching Dr. Who on his GIANT laptop. I think he’s never been happier. Also, something you may not know about Cory: He has a beautiful singing voice. Come see the show for proof.


Zach Stofer: Zach’s character, Myron, could just be a snarky, cocksure joke machine created by Zach Braff to pepper in punchlines and keep the show zippy. But that’s not the way Zach performs the role. You know there’s more to Myron. So, while he’s making you laugh your ass off, you’re trying to figure him out. But Zach doesn’t let you figure Myron out easily. It’s part of what I love about working with Mr. Stofer. He’s always looking for a new take, a new emotion, a new shade to his performance. He’s always in the moment. He’s a hell of an actor. He’s so talented he’s even gotten over his distaste for Cheetos. I mean, REALLY gotten over it.


Nikki Tatge: Nikki has a talent some of you may not know. And it makes a beautiful, stunning appearance late in the play. I’m really excited to watch the audience as that moment happens. Quite frankly, the work she did on that final moment cements the ending of our play. Makes it so much better. And for that I’m incredibly grateful. I mean, I’ll take the credit, but the moment is hers. And, that moment comes at the end of her performance, after she’s already turned Kim into the funniest, dumbest and sweetest prostitute you could ever imagine.


Tonya Porter: Stage Managers don’t come much better than Tonya. You know how most stage managers have to juggle a bunch of tasks? Tasks like calling sound and light cues, making sure props are pre-set, working with front of house to get the show started on time, etc? Well, Tonya sees your typical stage management duties and adds crazy talented actress to the list. She makes an appearance in the last half of the show in a ridiculous and hysterical scene with Zach, and then hops off stage and makes it back to the booth in time to call her next cue. Game, set, match: Porter.


Katy Helbacka: If you’ve ever seen Improv, you know Katy’s funny. But did you also know that she can do an English accent? Cause she can now. She couldn’t BEFORE, but the thing with Katy is, if you tease her enough about anything – she’ll nail it just to throw it back in your face. For instance, look no further than the end of the play. When I first cast Katy, I teased her about how the end was a nearly impossible task for an actress. So she nailed it and threw it back in my face. Hard. And she doesn’t know her strength. (I’ve received several complaints of violence from the men in the cast).


2014 Renegade Season Passes On Sale Now!

2014 Season Passes On Sale Now!


Renegade Theater Company is one of Minnesota’s premiere arts organizations. We call Duluth home. And we do so proudly. This community of artists and audience is hungry for bold, brave and original theater. And we are happy to oblige. Because you shouldn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to see the pieces and artists that are redefining theater. And now you don’t have to.


Our black box theater is an intimate one. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This season love will be found and lost, good will conquer evil and you will come face-to-face with your darkest fears. And it will all happen mere feet from you. Just enough distance to take in all the spectacle, but close enough to see the glint in the eye before the first tear falls.


Our space might be small, but the shows in our 2014 season are not. They will startle you, surprise you and defy your expectations of live theater. These are stories too big, too powerful to be confined by four black walls. Each season, we at Renegade Theater Company invite you to think outside the black box.


2014 Season Passes

    • Each season pass includes a ticket for each of the 6 shows in our 2014 mainstage season.
    • An adult season pass costs just $75 – a savings of over 30% compared to paying for each show individually.
    • Student, Senior and Artist passes are available for only $60 – that’s $10 a show! These passes are not available online, however. To purchase one of these passes, please call Andy at 218-336-1416.
    • As an added bonus, any subscribe that arrives at the box office by 7:30 on the night of the show will be given access to the theater a full 5 minutes before the rest of the audience, to give you enough time to pick your very favorite seat!




Casting Call: Auditions For “Rx” Announced

It’s audition time again, everybody. This time, it’s for the Minnesota premiere of a hilarious and beautiful new romantic comedy from award-winning playwright Kate Fodor, “Rx!”


We’re looking for some great local talent to fill some amazing roles and we hope to see all of you there. Here’s the details:


by Kate Fodor
Directed by Robert Lee


Meena Pierotti’s job is making her unhappy. Luckily, there’s a pill for that. Meena has joined the clinical trial for a new drug targeting workplace depression. The trial gets messy, however, when her doctor falls in love with her. Thankfully, there’s a pill for that, too. And once her doctor enrolls in a clinical trial for a new drug targeting heartbreak, things quickly spiral out of control in this hilarious romantic comedy that poses the question: If you could medicate all your cares away, would you?


A smart comedy about big love, big dreams and Big Pharma, Rx shines a satirical light on the health industry and a generation of unhappy people looking for answers in a pill bottle. Filled with moments of sweet romance and sardonic, sarcastic wit, this irreverent new comedy proves that love might be the greatest drug on the market.



WHEN: Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at 1pm
WHERE: Teatro Zuccone in Downtown Duluth
PREPARE: We will be reading scenes from the show. Download the scenes below.
DOWNLOAD: Audition PacketAudition Sides

More About What ALL NEW PEOPLE Is About!

Check out this brief and quite funny clip featuring interviews with Zach Braff and the original cast and director of ALL NEW PEOPLE to hear more about what the show is about, why Renegade selected it, and why you need to come to see this show. 90 minutes of gut-busting laughs in the dead of winter? Sounds like just the thing to look forward to here on the coldest day in 20 years.


What’s ALL NEW PEOPLE About?

On January 23rd we kick off our 2014 season with opening night of our Minnesota premiere of Zach Braff’s comedy, ALL NEW PEOPLE. Some of you may be wondering just what the hell this show is about. Some of you may be wondering just who the hell we think we are. Some of you may be wondering where you left your cell phone.


We can’t help you with those last two, but we’ve got your first question covered.


And, rather than dive into a wordy, over-long explanation of the themes and ideas in the play, we’ll just post this and let Louis CK explain it all for us: