2013 – A Theatrical Year In Review

A mere four days ago we closed the curtain on our 2013 season. That marks 5 years of bold, imaginative and cutting-edge theater. We here at Renegade Theater Company are going to use the next several weeks to rest up (and let’s be honest, eat a lot of cookies and watch THIS, THIS and THIS on repeat), but before we curl up with cup of cocoa for a nice long hibernation, we thought we’d spend a little blog space looking back at our 2013 season.


Keep reading and join us for a trip down nostalgia boulevard … or reflection highway or fond reminiscences roundabout or whatever … MEMORY LANE! That’s the phrase. Yeah, join us for a trip down that. Cause 2013 was one hell of a year.



We dodged trains, dug graves and played with the time-space continum (all in the round!) with CORONADO.



We built a mini-Globe Theater in which the Bard battled zombies in WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S LAND OF THE DEAD.



We cured two women and one man of that dreaded Hysteria in IN THE NEXT ROOM, OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY



We helped some kids with amazing voices blow up a mine in THE BURNT PART BOYS



We tortured the hell out of a writer and his brother and made shadow puppets from scratch in THE PILLOWMAN.



We used blood, eye liner and stop motion animation to rock and roll through the life of America’s 7th President in BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON.


It’s been an incredibly successful, and incredibly exhausting year. And, even as we prepare for a little time away, we can’t help but be excited about what 2014 has in store. Next season promises to be even bigger and more exciting and we can’t wait to take you along for another year of cutting-edge theater. But, in order to continue offering the caliber of theater you’ve come to expect from Renegade Theater Company, we need your help.


We pride ourselves on taking risks – on being the first to introduce local audiences to a new play or playwright. But those risks can come at a cost.


Producing shows that lack the built-in box office of warhorse musicals and plays that everyone knows and loves means we are putting our company’s fate in the audiences’ hands each and every night. But your donation, no matter the amount, helps give us the strength and security to produce these fantastic new or little-seen works, and to provide Northland audiences with some of the boldest and bravest theater in town.



  • Over the past 5 years, we’ve produced 32 productions in our home at the Teatro Zuccone.
  • Of those 32 shows, 25 had never been produced before in our community. 10 of them had never been produced in Minnesota. And 3 of them had never been produced anywhere in the world.
  • Individual donations currently account for less than 5% of our annual budget.
  • This season we offered stipends to over 50 local artists who are committed to living and producing work in our community.
  • By increasing individual donations to 10% of our annual budget, we would be able to increase production budgets for our entire 2014 season. That means we will be able to pay more to our local talent and spend more on things like sets, lights, sound and costumes to deliver you an even bigger and better night of entertainment.


As you start to think about your holiday giving, please consider including Renegade Theater Company in your end-of-year donations. You can donate through paypal, network for good, causes on facebook or the good ol’ postal system. Details and links to donate via any or all of those means can be found …




Thanks for reading. And thanks for being in our audiences this season and for each of the past 5 seasons. You are the reason we do what we do. You are the reason we are here. You are all members of the Renegade Theater Company. And we think you’re pretty damn great.



Casts Announced for ALL NEW PEOPLE and NEXT TO NORMAL

We like to be busy around here. That’s why, right after the opening weekend of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON was over, we decided it was a good time to cast the first two shows of our 2014 season.


And, now that we’ve only got three more shows of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON left – this Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm (tickets HERE and students, remember you can get $10 tickets at the door on Thursday nights for any and all of our shows!) – we thought we’d make it official and announce the casts for ALL NEW PEOPLE and NEXT TO NORMAL!



CHARLIE – Josh Stenvick

EMMA – Katy Helbacka

MYRON – Zach Stofer

KIM – Nikki Tatge

BADGER / KEVIN – Cory Anderson

RAMONA – Tonya Porter



DIANA – Carolyn LePine

DAN – Andy Bennett

NATALIE – Maria DePesa

GABE – Andy Frye

DOCTOR MADDEN – Adam Sippola

HENRY – Joey Brueske