Why SPRING AWAKENING is still so relevant today

Week 2 of SPRING AWAKENING starts tonight, and we’re very excited to present this show to more members of our community. And, if you needed proof that this story from 19th century Germany is still vital and relevant to the youth of today, look no further than this article in ROLLING STONE.


On a happier note, we’re pleased to share with you the final online-only trailer created by our videographer Matt Helbacka for SPRING AWAKENING. This one’s all about the Girls.

The Boys of Spring Awakening & A Special Offer!

Happy Monday, Blog Readers!

We had a great opening weekend of SPRING AWAKENING. This show is truly something special and tickets are flying out the door fast. We had to turn away a lot of people this weekend, and we can’t stress enough that you should make your reservations in advance, either by purchasing them online at www.teatrozuccone.com or by calling (218) 336-1414 and putting tickets on hold.

Today, we’re pleased to show you an online-only video created by our staff videographer, Matt Helbacka. It’s all about the Boys of Spring Awakening. And on Wednesday we’ll show you the one he created all about the Girls of Spring Awakening. They’ll help keep you primed and ready to catch the show this Thursday, Friday or Saturday night at 8pm.

Oh, and if you happen to watch “Glee,” “New Girl,” “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report” be sure and keep your eyes peeled for our commercial spot. It looks so much prettier on a big high-def screen than it does on youtube.

Finally, our friends at Charter media have given us a special offer that we just HAD to share with all of you. Riverdance is coming to Duluth for the LAST TIME on Feb 29th, and if you click on the link below, you can get tickets for 1/2 the price! That’s a deal that makes us want to dance a jig. Or play a fiddle really fast. Or wear a headband and pants up around our nipples.


Spring Awakening: It’s Everywhere!

It’s finally here: Opening night of our Northland premiere production of the 8-time Tony Award-winning rock musical, SPRING AWAKENING. But you probably already knew that, since we seem to be hijacking local media with information about the show. But, in case you’ve missed any of the publicity blitz, we thought we’d use today’s blog post to link the various articles and interviews that have been done about the show in recent days. If you’ve got some time and the interest, take a look.

And we hope to see you tonight at 8pm for opening night! Don’t forget to stop by the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe first and try their special German entree created in honor of the show, and then head over early to the concessions to get your $10 bottle of wine and $4 gourmet chocolate.








Spring Awakening Trailer Premiere

Renegade Theater Company’s staff videographer, Matt Helbacka, spent 24 hours or so without sleep to create, edit and upload the teaser trailer for our production of SPRING AWAKENING, which opens tomorrow at 8pm.

As always, he’s turned in a terrific trailer that perfectly captures the essence and energy of the show. Damn talented kid, that Matt. Check it out below, of catch it on the commercial breaks of your favorite television shows over the next few weeks. We’ve already set our Tivo.

Wine & Chocolate + Spring Awakening = Awesome!

We’re just TWO days away from the opening night of our Northland premiere production of SPRING AWAKENING. And, if you need another reason to see it opening weekend (beyond an amazing cast, a laser light show, an awesome rock band, etc.) we’ve got a special offer for you.

Come to SPRING AWAKENING during our opening weekend (Feb 9-11) and enjoy $10 BOTTLES OF WINE! That’s right, Forestville Malbec and Chardonnay will be on sale at the concessions stand for a single Alexander Hamilton.

And what goes better with wine than some fine (insert snooty sniff of pretension here) chocolates (pronounced like that Johnny Depp movie). All kidding aside, these chocolate bars are ridiculous. We’ll be offering 7 different varieties of Chocolove chocolate bars for only $4 a bar. And once you taste them, you’ll feel like you’re stealing them at that price. The flavors are:

Pure Milk Chocolate
Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate
Pure Dark Chocolate
Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate
Raspberries in Dark Chocolate
Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate
Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate

So get there this weekend, get there early, and get your decadence on at SPRING AWAKENING. And then stick around after for RENEGADE IMPROV at 10:30 pm.

Oh, and you can always start your night out at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, enjoying their German special created in honor of the show.

Seriously, if the Zeitgeist Arts Building started renting out beds, you’d never really need to leave.

Production Photos from Spring Awakening

It’s Monday, which means the cast and crew of SPRING AWAKENING have survived tech week! It also means we’re only 4 days away from opening night, Thursday the 9th at 8pm.

Do you have your tickets yet? Because they are selling fast.

And, if your Monday needs a little pick-me-up and coffee just isn’t cutting it, here’s a first look at production photos from the show. It’s just the smallest of previews of what you will see live when the show opens on Thursday. All photos by Renegade staff photographer, Andy Miller.

Moritz (Tyler Goebel) leads the Boys in “And Then There Were None.”

Zach Stofer in one of the 9 roles he plays as the only Adult Male in “Spring Awakening.”

Tyler Goebel (as Moritz) rocks out. And gains a new Facebook profile picture, probably.

The company sings “The Song of Purple Summer.” Loretta Miller (as Martha) is into it more than the rest of them.

Melchior (Erin Miller) leads the Boys in “The Mirror-Blue Night.”

“Spring Awakening” from the Conductor’s POV

Happy Friday, Blog Readers!

The cast of SPRING AWAKENING has the night off, while the band is getting one more rehearsal in before tech weekend begins tomorrow. The cast is celebrating with a little social gathering at an undisclosed location, but we thought we’d celebrate on the blog by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the show from the perspective of our fabulous conductor and pianist, Erin McConnell. She snapped these photos with one hand while playing intricate piano parts with the other. She’s like a social media ninja, and now we share the fruits of her efforts with you.

Don’t forget, SPRING AWAKENING opens Thursday, Feb 9th at 8pm! That’s only 6 days away. Tickets are flying out the door so get yours now before they are all gone! Call 218-336-1414 or visit www.teatrozuccone.com and make sure you don’t miss out on this fabulous show.

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See “Spring Awakening” For Free!

What’s that you say? You would really love to come see our Northland premiere of SPRING AWAKENING, but funds are just too tight? We understand. Truly we do. We’re a non-profit, after all. But we’ve got a solution to your empty-wallet woes.

Volunteer to usher for the show and see it for FREE!

That’s right, in exchange for helping pass out programs and make sure everyone gets into their seat in time for the curtain, we’ll give you a seat of your very own, free of charge, as a thank you for helping out our company, and supporting the arts community.

If you’re interested in volunteering as an usher, contact katyhelbacka@gmail.com ASAP. Slots are filling fast!

See you at the show.

Dinner and a Show

Our lovely friends at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe have created a special entree in honor of our Northland premiere of SPRING AWAKENING, available only on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights in February:

Pan fried pork schnitzel, accompanied with braised red cabbage and herb Spatzle.

Man, that sounds good, right? Yeah, we think so too. And since you can only get it during the run of the show, how about before you come see these kids blow the doors off the place, you tuck in to a delicious dinner next door.

Or, if you feel like you’d rather save your appetite for something a little bit more … uh, German-y … head down the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings in February and enjoy a full prix fixe menu created in honor of the show! This delicious meal includes:

Soup: German Lentil Soup

Salad: Hot German Potato Salad, with Bacon

Entrée: Pan fried pork schnitzel, accompanied with braised red cabbage and herb Spatzle

Desert: Apfclkuchen (Apple cake)

Special Wine pairings optional – a red, white, and desert

Now, come on, that’s awesome. So yeah, this month, come down to the Zeitgiest Arts Building and have a truly Germ-tastic evening. Wait, that’s sounds like there are germs involved. We mean German-tastic. Just come down. It’s one of the few places in town where you can have dinner and a show all in the same building. And we think that’s pretty damn special.