Ready For Rocket Man? Download Audition Sides Here!

RocketmanAuditions for THE ROCKET MAN are this Sunday, November 22nd beginning at 11am! You do not want to miss out on being a part of this out-of-this-world, action-packed, interstellar romance.

And, if you’re looking to come extra prepared, download the audition sides below and give them a look. Then come ready to show us your best Astronaut and/or Martian.

We can’t wait to see you!

Rocket Man Audition Sides

Auditions for THE ROCKETMAN – Nov 22nd @ 11am

PrintRenegade Theater Company announces OPEN AUDITIONS for the first show of their 2016 season, the action-adventure romance set in space, THE ROCKETMAN!

Blast-off with this action-packed interstellar romance inspired by the short stories of Sci-Fi master Ray Bradbury. After Doug’s father is killed during a failed mission to Mars, Doug begins having dreams of a beautiful girl with golden skin – a Martian named Ylla. Consumed with grief, love and a thirst for adventure, Doug steals a rocket ship and steers a course for Mars.

Packed with laser battles, electrifying choreography and astounding feats of spectacle and stagecraft, THE ROCKETMAN is a thrilling theatrical adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


CASTING: We need a big cast of humans and aliens. Some parts have to dance/move, and some don’t. Come on down and get involved. We need a big group of fun people!

WHEN: Sunday, November 22, 11:00-2:00

WHERE: Teatro Zuccone stage in downtown Duluth

DANCE CALL: 11:00-12:00 Don’t let this scare you. This show is more choreographed fights and fun stuff like that. We just wanna see you move!

AUDITIONS: 12:00-2:00 Cold reading scenes from the play. No monologues.

PREPARE: Just come ready to have fun and move. The script is available in pdf form by emailing Katy Helbacka

DOWNLOAD: The Audition Packet

Selected Plays for the 2015 New Works Festival were absolutely floored by the quantity and quality of the submissions we received from all over the state for our 2015 New Works Festival.

35 submissions from 35 very talented writers.

The selection committee had a difficult task, but they did their duty exceptionally well.

So first, a thank you to every writer who shared your work with us. We so appreciate your time, efforts and talents.

Next, a big thank you to our selection committee, headed by our Board President, Anika Thompson. You all gave each selection a careful read and consideration, and the amount of free time you dedicated to this task is so very much appreciated.

Now…without further ado:


Wednesday, July 8th @ 7pm                                                                                  

WRITE FIGHT – A Festival Opening Battle Royale                                                     Presented by Renegade Theater Company and Revolver Literary Magazine  

8 writers enter – only one can win. Watch area authors, bloggers, journalists and playwrights compete in a single elimination tournament live on stage. We give dueling writers typewriters, a prompt, 10 minutes to write, and plenty of hilarious distraction (provided by members of the Renegade Improv team). After the 10 minutes are up, the writers read what they’ve written, and the audience favorite moves on.


Modern Prophet by Sam Graber of Minneapolis


A NIGHT OF SHORTS (featuring)

A Paper Forest by Claudia Haas of White Bear Lake

The Vibe by Robert Lee of Duluth

A Guide to Textual Encounters by Megan Rekowski of Duluth


Finnegan’s Wake by Donald Arneson of Prior Lake





  • Write Fight
  • Presented by Renegade Theater Company and Revolver Literary Magazine


Call for Directors and Actors – New Works Festival

Renegade Theater Company is issuing a CALL FOR DIRECTORS AND ACTORS who wish to participate in our 2015 New Works Festival, running Wednesday, July 8th to Saturday, July 11th, 2015. Selected participants will collaborate to present readings and semi-staged readings of new works.

We are looking for creative, talented and experienced directors who are interested in bringing these new works to life alongside their peers. As this is a new works festival, emphasis will be placed on the script and the writing, but all good writing needs direction to bring it to life. That’s where you come in!

The New Works will be rehearsed in the weeks prior to the festival and performed as readings or semi-staged readings at the Festival. All participants assigned to a given project will have the final script in hand prior to the start of rehearsals. Actors may be asked to participate in more than one project, but will not be assigned to more than 2, due to the limited rehearsal time.

All artists who are selected must follow the submission guidelines detailed below and be available for the rehearsal period (June 22nd -July 2nd) and festival period (July 8th-11th). There is no funding from the Renegade Theater Company for travel or lodging costs. All artists are strongly encouraged to attend the rehearsal Kick-off session tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 15th @ 5pm.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (Interested individuals may submit in more than one category.):

DIRECTORS Please Submit:

  • 1 email/letter of introduction describing your experience and approach to directing and developing new work. Please also describe the types of work you are drawn to as a director.
    • Please indicate if you are willing to work on multiple readings
    • Be sure to include conflicts and contact information.

ACTORS Please Submit:

  • 1 email/letter of introduction, briefly describing the types of roles you usually play and if you have any experience working with new plays or being involved in staged readings of plays.
    • Please indicate if you are willing to work on multiple readings.
    • Be sure to include conflicts and contact information

Director and Actor Submissions must be received by 5/15 – earlier submissions are appreciated and encouraged!!!

Submit by email only (MS Word File in “.doc” or “.docx” please, or as a PDF) to:


2015 New Works Festival – SUBMISSIONS CLOSED!

We knew there were a lot of writers out there hungering for a chance to workshop pieces. It was the whole reason behind doing a New Works Festival in the first place – giving writers the same type of opportunities offered to actors, directors, designers and crew in our community.

When we opened the festival up for submission, we were optimistic. But not THIS optimistic.

As of April 10th, when submissions for the festival closed, we’ve received 35 submissions from area writers. That’s amazing. And inspiring. And a little overwhelming.

Thank you writers. Thank you for sharing your work with us, and for wanting us to lend some small hand in its further creation and development. While we, of course, won’t be able to offer all of you slots in our festival, we are beyond grateful for your submissions and wish all of you the best.

More soon.

Time to get reading.

Our Daisy Gets a Haircut!

Ahhh … the lengths to which an actor will go. The things they are willing to do in service of a role and a show. Take Mary Fox for instance:


This is Mary. And her long hair. Mary’s playing the role of Daisy in THE GREAT GATSBY, and, well, that long hair just won’t do. She needs that classic bob. That 1920’s hairstyle that’s so iconic to the time and the role.

We offered her a wig. We really did. But Mary’s committed. Dedicated. And a little bit nuts.

So, this past Sunday, Mary sat down in the kitchen of our Assistant Stage Manager Dereck Williams. When Dereck’s not helping run a show, he’s one hell of a talented hair stylist. And he puts his considerable skill and talent to work on Mary’s hair.

The CutAfter much cutting, some coloring, and some stifled screams from Mary …

In Process

… the job was done. Dereck had done an incredible job and given Mary a wonderful bob hairstyle.


Goodbye Mary Fox. Hello Daisy Buchanan.


THE GREAT GATSBY opens Thursday, April 2nd at 8pm and runs Thursday through Saturday evenings until April 18th. All shows at 8pm.