Calling All Couples! – Save BIG on the Blind Tiger and Win a Great Getaway!



Looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind romantic evening for you and your special someone? Want to get a little crazy, cut loose and have a ball? Only got $40 to spend?


We’ve got you covered:


TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY, call Colleen in our box office at 218-336-1414 and get a pair of tickets to The Renegade Blind Tiger for only $40! Save $10 off the ticket price and get access to the same food, gambling, drinks, live music and dance party as the full price ticket holders (NOTE: Couples tickets do not include entries to win the iPad. Full price tickets only are entered to win the iPad door prize).


That’s 5 hours of fun for less than you’d pay for dinner! And you’ll get that nice warm feeling that comes with supporting a local non-profit dedicated to providing local artists and audiences access to the boldest, newest and most original works in theater.


PLUS while you’re partying the night away, you can spend some Blind Tiger Bucks (available for sale or to win at our Games of Chance tables in King’s Club if you’re feeling lucky) and enter to win one of our FIVE INCREDIBLE PRIZE PACKAGES. Each one is packed with amazing donations from local businesses, and there’s a few things in those packages that are perfect for couples:


How do tickets to the Guthrie Theater and a stay next door at the beautiful Aloft Minneapolis sound? Spend an evening seeing some of the best live performance in the state, and then enjoy an incredible night at a modern, fresh and fun destination. With their loft-inspired design and free-flowing energy, you can celebrate your style in the unique openness of a no-walls, no-limits space. See why everyone’s all abuzz about Aloft Hotels, and discover a whole new travel experience!


Aloft 3074 Logo Dark Pink and Dark Grey



If a night in the city isn’t your idea of a perfect couple’s getaway, than you could also pack up your brand new Duluth Pack and head off for a true winter weekend escape at the incredible Grand View Lodge in Nisswa, MN! The state’s most awarded resort offers deluxe accommodations, exceptional dining, the world-class Glacial Waters Spa and activities galore! Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing – even dog sledding – all await you as options during this gorgeous and relaxing getaway.






2015 Season Tickets + Murder Ballad Single Tickets – ALL ON SALE NOW!



Shakespeare said it best when he said: “Friends, People, Everybody; gather around for we have news!”


Today we’re very happy to announce that our 2015 box office is open for business! We’ve got two main ticket buying options to share with you, so let’s get started:


First up?


RTC-MurderBallad-FB-ProfilePicListen and I’ll tell a tale. A tale where good will not prevail. A King, a Queen, a Club, a Knave. One is destined for the grave …



Feb 5-7, 12-14 and 19-21

All shows at 8pm


Single tickets are now on sale for this fun, sexy, dark and dangerous new rock musical, opening Feb 5th. This hot-blooded and steamy story of a love triangle gone horribly, deadly wrong tore up the New York theater scene in 2013, and now it arrives in Minnesota for the very first time.


Tickets are $18 for adults / $15 for students and seniors


But you don’t have to stop at just buying tickets to MURDER BALLAD. Oh hell no. Why not go for broke and buy yourself a 2015 RENEGADE FLEX PASS!


The Flex Pass costs $75. And here’s what you get:

  • A savings of over 15% off the normal ticket price!
  • Discounted passes are just $60 for students, seniors and artists.
  • Includes a ticket to each of the 5 shows in our 2015 mainstage season
  • Includes an all-access pass to every show in our 2015 New Works Festival
  • Includes our new assigned seating! This year, pick your favorite spots in the Teatro Zuccone and have them guaranteed for you all year long. Plus, with assigned seating, there’s no need to worry if you show up with only five minutes to spare, you’ll still get your favorite seats in the house!
  • Subscribers can select their seats for any show as well as change their performance date or seating choice at no charge at any time (subject to seat and show availability) by calling our box office at 218-336-1414.
  • Single tickets go on sale three weeks prior to opening night. But subscribers can pick their seats any time! If you want to make sure you get the best seats in the house, call us before single tickets go on sale and stake your claim.



(NOTE: Flex passes will be available online very soon)




What Your Blind Tiger Ticket Buys You

Today is the last day to get advance discounted tickets to The Renegade Blind Tiger: A Season Opening Speakeasy. Today till 11:59pm you can get your ticket for $25 instead of $30. And get your ticket before midnight and get TWO entries to win our door prize of a brand new iPad Air!


We’ve told you why your ticket matters so much to you. And now we’ll tell you just what your ticket buys you. The short answer? A ton of entertainment on January 30th. The long answer? Well, check it out:


  • A chance to win a brand new iPad Air.
  • Live Jazz Music from Tyler Pimm (music director for Murder Ballad, Eastland and [title of show]).
  • $5 Blind Tiger Bucks: Can be used to buy a drink at King’s Club or enter one of our incredible prize packages!
  • Previews of Renegade’s 2015 Season, featuring performances from the casts of Murder Ballad, The Great Gatsby, [title of show] and Eastland - plus a special sneak peek into our production of The Birds.
  • Games of Luck, Skill and Chance – bet your Blind Tiger bucks in the hopes of winning big and entering in all the prize packages – don’t worry if you go bust, you can always buy more bucks from the banker!
  • Free mugshot in the Flapper Photo Booth with photos by Andy Miller.
  • Free glass of champagne to toast the 2015 season with us at 9pm.
  • Dance Party in King’s Club from 9pm till Midnight.


Those incredible prize packages we mentioned above? Well $5 in Blind Tiger Bucks buys you a single entry. Gamble and win more bucks or buy them outright from the dealer, because these prizes are too good to miss out on. Here’s a taste of what will be waiting for you in our 5 show-themed prize packages:


  • A full year’s worth of local entertainment from the best companies, artists and performers in town
  • A winter weekend escape at beautiful GrandView Lodge in Nisswa, MN.
  • A brand-new Duluth Pack
  • Tickets to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in New York City
  • A one-year membership to Arrowhead Tennis and Athletic Club
  • A Discovery Passport one-year membership to the Duluth Children’s Museum


And so much more! We’re saving the bulk of the goodies till the night of, when we’ll reveal all!




What Is The Renegade Blind Tiger?

Can we talk for a second?


See, we love making theater. Bold, imaginative, boundary-pushing theater. We pick shows that you may not know, but they are shows that you will never forget.


And doing that – taking those risks and betting on new, different and original work – comes at a cost. We aren’t guaranteed the big box office that comes with a show everyone knows and loves. Still, we think what we do is vital to a thriving arts community like ours.


If you agree, we need your help.


Renegade is trying to grow, to expand, and to pay our local artists better. To do that we can either increase our ticket prices, or find other means of support beyond the box office. And we love that our prices are low and our shows are accessible. We take pride in offering $10 tickets on Thursdays to students. We always want to be able to offer a discount on season tickets for local artists of all types and stripes. So we need to find support via other means.


THAT’S what The Renegade Blind Tiger is.


Don’t get us wrong, we love parties. And we know how to throw a mean one. But that’s not what Renegade Theater Company is really all about. We are about making great theater. This Season Opening Speakeasy is a chance to celebrate all we’ve done and preview the season about to begin. And it’s a chance for anyone who loves Renegade to support Renegade while getting a fun night out at the same time.


Bottom line? Your $25 ticket purchase is a donation.


Every dime of it goes to supporting the productions and artists you see on stage all year long. It’s a way for you to show your support for an arts community as robust and vibrant as ours, and a way to show your support for a company dedicated to offering local audiences the kinds of performances and productions you’d typically have to drive for hours to see.


Just so happens that THIS donation, grants you admission to one hell of a party.


On Wednesday we’ll spend some time on the blog explaining everything the night has in store. Till then, we hope you’ll consider attending. Because your ticket means so much more to us than $25. It means more support for talented local artists. It means bigger, bolder and better productions. It means Renegade can continue to play a leading role in this incredible arts community.


Basically, your ticket means the world to us.


buy-tickets(Oh, and if you want to avoid the internet surcharge, call 218-336-1414. Colleen will hook you up.)


We hope to see you there.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.54.25 AM


Discounted Blind Tiger Tickets – Win An iPad Air!


Tickets on sale now for:





Purchase your tickets by January 16th and save $5 off the ticket price, plus get TWO entries to win a brand-new iPad Air!



$25 before Jan 16th / $30 after


Every Ticket Includes:
- A Chance To Win A Brand-New iPad Air
- Live Jazz Music
- 5 Blind Tiger Bucks To Spend On Games of Luck, Skill and Chance
- Free Mugshot Of You And Your Friends
- Fabulous Prizes And Giveaways
- Previews Of Renegade’s 2015 Season
- Free Champagne Toast
- Dance Party At King’s Club In The Teatro Zuccone


PLUS plenty of drinks … we mean tea! It’s just TEA Johnny Law!


Come in your finest Jazz-Era costume and be rewarded … handsomely.







Murder Ballad Monday – A Definition and a Playlist



Rehearsals are well underway for the first show of our 2015 season, the sexy and dangerous new rock musical, MURDER BALLAD. This hot-blooded and steamy story of a love triangle gone horribly, deadly wrong tore up the New York theater scene in 2013, and now it arrives in Minnesota for the very first time. Murder Ballad is a full-throated rock opera about the complications of love, the compromises we make and the betrayals that undo us. With a blistering score, sultry staging and a twist you’ll never see coming, it’s a wicked and wild night that you’ll only find at Renegade Theater.


As we get the show ready for opening night, we thought we’d spend some blog time getting you ready as well.


What’s a murder ballad, you might be asking? Good question. Take it away, wikipedia:


A murder ballad typically recounts the details of a mythic or true crime—who the victim is, why the murderer decides to kill him or her, how the victim is lured to the murder site and the act itself—followed by the escape and/or capture of the murderer. Often the ballad ends with the murderer in jail or on their way to the gallows, occasionally with a plea for the listener not to copy the evils committed by him as recounted by the singer.


As part of his preparation for the show, director Andy Bennett has compiled a playlist of his 10 favorite murder ballads. Which he’s happy to share with you below. Give these songs a listen and then get ready to grab your tickets for the regional premiere of MURDER BALLAD. The show opens Feb 5th and tickets go on sale on January 19th.


































2015 Season Brochure Reveal!



Happy New Year, everyone. And a new year means a new season of Renegade Theater! This season love will be found and lost, good will battle evil and you will come face-to-face with your darkest fears. And it will all happen mere feet from you. Just enough distance to take in all the spectacle, but close enough to see the glint in the eye before the first tear falls.


We’re chomping at the bit to get started – in fact, Murder Ballad rehearsals start today – but it just wouldn’t be a new season without a killer new brochure from the crazy talented Matt Olin.


Take a look at his (as always) amazing work below.


He gets us. He knows that a Renegade Theater Company production is all about making you feel something. Anything. Or everything. All at once.











Pass it on …



  • Live Jazz Music

  • Games of Chance

  • Previews of the 2015 Season

  • Prizes To Die For

  • Dance The Night Away At King’s Club in the Teatro Zuccone

  • And plenty of drinks … we mean tea! It’s just TEA Johnny Law!









The Great Gatsby – Cast List

As always, we have to thank all the wonderful actors who came out and auditioned for our upcoming April production of THE GREAT GATSBY. And we are beyond excited to share our cast with you:


Jay Gatsby – Jason Page
Nick Carraway – Andy Bennett
Daisy Buchanan – Mary Fox
Tom Buchanan – Zachary Stofer
Jordan Baker – Sarah Lueck
Myrtle Wilson – Maria DePesa
George Wilson – Cory Anderson
Wolfsheim – Sunny Helbacka
Mr. McKee/Dancer – Bryan Burns
Mrs. McKee/Dancer – Lauren Schulke
Mrs. Michaelis/Dancer – Sarah Hinz
Policeman/Dancer – Tyler Goebel


That’s a pretty incredible group of talent, and we can’t wait to get started!


If you missed out on auditions for Gatsby, but still want to take part in our 2015 season, don’t forget that AUDITIONS FOR EASTLAND: THE MUSICAL are December 16th and 17th. All the info you could ever need is below:


Written by Andy White
Music by Andre Pluess and Ben Sussman

Directed by Peter Froehlingsdorf / Music Director Tyler Pimm

Performance Dates:  
August 6-8, 13-15 & 20-22, 2015

WHEN: Tuesday, December 16th 7pm-9pm (5 min time slot)
CALLBACKS: Wednesday, December 17th 7pm-9pm (by Director’s invitation only) You may be cast in the show without needing to attend callbacks.
WHERE:Teatro Zuccone in downtown Duluth
PREPARE: Monologue for your gender/age, found below. 1 song selection from the show found below. Accompaniment will be provided as will sheet music provided. Adult men and women should use the finale of the show, “Only The River Remains” (download below).

Rene’Giving 2014 – Colleen Smith and Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community







Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. In case you can’t tell from our blog posts this month, we’re feeling pretty lucky and very grateful. We’ve taken time to thank the directors, the casts, the crews, the designers and the people who make us look very cool. But no Rene’Giving would be complete without a thank you Zeitgeist Arts and the House Manager of our home theater, Colleen Smith.


Colleen is a Godsend. Since she took the reigns at the Teatro it’s been nothing but smooth sailing. She works just as well with our casts and crews as she does with our audiences and if you have a good experience when you attend one of our shows, that is due in no small part to her and professionalism. She’s also just a really, really nice person. We like her a lot. And we are very grateful that we get to work with her.


And the Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community. We really can’t thank this organization enough. They’ve given us a home and the type of support most theater companies can only dream of. They encourage us to be bold and take risks. And it’s not just us. They support this community in ways that most people will never truly know. Renegade, and this community, are better because the Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community exists. Thank them if you get a chance.


Happy Rene’Giving everyone. Thanks for an incredible 2014, and here’s to an even better 2015.